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I’m a former classicist turned cataloger, currently working as a Cataloging Specialist in Complex Cataloging at the Florida State University Libraries. I will graduate from FSU with an MLIS in August 2017.

I got my Ph.D. in Classical Studies from Indiana University, with a minor in Mythology. After finishing my dissertation on nymphs in Hellenistic poetry, I moved to Tallahassee, where I spent several years as an adjunct professor teaching Greek and World Mythology at FSU. In 2014, I began working as a cataloger for the FSU Libraries, and I discovered that my true passion was in library cataloging and metadata. I’ve performed original cataloging on print materials and other media, including Special Collections materials, using cataloging standards that include RDA, AACR2, DCRM(B), and DACS. I’ve also worked with non-MARC metadata, especially MODS records.

The language skills that I developed as a classicist have been among of my greatest strengths as a cataloger. I can read Latin and Ancient Greek fluently, and I also have reading proficiency in German, Modern Greek, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, and Catalan. I’m also studying Arabic, and since working on the Asian Religions Collection at the FSU Library, I’ve been studying Tibetan and Sanskrit. I’ve performed original and copy cataloging in all of those languages, as well as Hebrew, Thai, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, and Bengali.

After joining the Complex Cataloging team at FSU, I found that my love for languages included programming languages as well. I work with XML, XSLT, and OCLC Macro Language (a version of Visual Basic) to develop automated tools for streamlining cataloging processes, verify quality control of outsourced records, and conduct other programming projects. I also have experience with HTML, CSS,  JavaScript, and Python.


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